Tele-Psychiatry Sessions

What is Tel-Psychiatry?

Telemedicine uses telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical healthcare from a distance. It is an exciting new way to deliver care and is being rapidly adopted by healthcare providers in the US and worldwide. Since psychiatry is one of the few medical fields perfectly compatible with this idea, we are proud to offer telepsychiatry sessions to our patients who cannot physically visit the clinic.

What is Tel-Psychiatry?

What is Tel-Psychiatry?

Psychiatrists can treat the same mental health issues through tel-psychiatry as
They can during an office visit.
These include:

Yes- these services adhere to the HIPAA and are is highly secure. Patients receive
the same protection as they do at an in-person visit.

Yes, The service provider encrypts any data and video you send electronically to
make sure your records are safe

Yes, any you can see psychiatrist anyplace that has internet connection

  • To begin your online session, you and your patient each log in to your portal Page.
  • At the click of a button you will see each other face-to-face on screen and conduct
  • Your session just as you would in the office. This is similar to skype or Video chat like face time
  • We will give you user name and password to login to secure site
  • At the time of appointment you will login and start session with psychiatrist
  • After the appointment the psychiatrist will send medication to choice of your pharmacy

AboutTanveer padder

Tanveer A. Padder MD is a triple-boarded psychiatrist; Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine and additional  Certification in American Board of Clinical Psycho-pharmacology.He is a preeminent expert in Psych-opharmacology and has been awarded a Master Psycho-pharmacologist certification by Dr. Stahl’s Neuroscience Education Institute

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