Choosing our psychiatric clinic offers an exceptional opportunity for rotational students to immerse themselves in a dynamic and comprehensive learning environment. Our clinic stands out as a beacon of clinical excellence, equipped with a team of seasoned psychiatrists and mental health professionals who are not only dedicated to patient care but also enthusiastic about nurturing the next generation of mental health practitioners. As a rotational student here, you will gain unparalleled exposure to a diverse range of psychiatric cases, enabling you to sharpen your diagnostic acumen and therapeutic skills. Our commitment to holistic care means you’ll also collaborate with other medical specialties, broadening your understanding of integrated healthcare. Moreover, our clinic fosters a culture of continuous learning, with regular case discussions and research opportunities that will stimulate your intellectual curiosity. By choosing our psychiatric clinic for your rotation, you’re choosing an environment where you can truly thrive and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of our patients while advancing your own professional journey in the realm of mental health.

We offer:

    1. Core Rotation
    2. Elective Rotations
    3. Research opportunities
Medical Students
Medical Students
4 Week Rotations
Medical Students
6 Week Rotations

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